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Sweet Harmony's Copper Moon

Posted 5/28/2011 5:11pm by Mona.

This morning the Universe shined on us.  Just as if she’d read the manual, our beautiful Alana once again had a textbook perfect delivery.  And once again, that healthy little cria is a very strong baby boy cria!  Yeah, another boy! 

Val called us this morning to tell us that Alana was looking oddly uncomfortable, and that we’d probably have a cria today.  When Val went back out to check on Alana, already there was 'nose and toes'!  Minutes later our little boy cria was here on Earth and very alert.  And within 15 minutes of his birth, this strong little boy was standing up and nursing!  By the time we arrived, he had walked with his momma out into the back pasture.  Oh my, what long legs this teeny creature has!  His fleece was still damp in places, and we were having quite a time figuring out what color that soft fleece is.   But even though it wasn’t sunny, that fleece was shining.  His fleece is shiny, with an almost reddish tone, like a new copper penny...............

Welcome, Copper Moon!    

Sweet Harmony's Copper Moon, 2 hours old

Copper Moon, smiling

Alana with new cria, Copper Moon

Copper Moon's long legs

a sleepy Copper Moon with momma Alana

Ramona Strojevs said,
6/1/2011 @ 4:11 pm
How BEAUTIFUL!!! And I love the name!!! I really must come by in August to see you guys and see the farm!!
Norma said,
6/6/2011 @ 9:10 pm
Beautiful solid colour! We are still waiting for our 2 cria. The moms are sold, so they aren't actually ours, but I'm still anticipating having the young ones bouncing in the fields.
Mona said,
6/7/2011 @ 9:51 am
Yes he is a solid color, so much easier when grading the fleece. He's over 25 pounds now too! We haven't had a cria in almost 2 years, and he'll be our only one this year. Such a cutie!
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